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          Video Conferencing

Texas Pictorial brings attorneys together by overcoming the barriers of distance and technology with Skype video conferencing. All you need is a webcam and Skype.  In just two clicks, you can talk face-to-face with a deponent or just sit there and smile at each other. With Skype, great picture and sound quality, with faces that fill up your screen, are a reality. So if you can’t attend, then download Skype for free.  Setting it up is easy and you can start using it in no time. Schedule your next deposition with Texas Pictorial on Skype.

The bottom line is that you will save on travel as you no longer have to leave the comfort of your law office to depose a witness.

To schedule A Skype Video  Conference Do The Following:

  • E-mail depopro@hotmail.com with your request
  • Add depopro3 to your Skype contacts
  • Depopro3 will accept you as a contact and respond with a video call

These steps will ensure that we have good communications and that our equipment and software are compatible prior to your video conference.