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We, at Texas Pictorial, are members of the Texas Process Servers Association.  We have successfully completed instruction in Civil Process Law, regarding the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Texas Rules of Court and other applicable laws, and as such, we are authorized by the Texas Supreme Court to serve process.  Our  radius of operation consists Zip Codes 78040, 78041, 78042, 78043, 78045 in Webb County.

         Delivery of your writs has never been easier.  Once we have your documents, we will deliver them promptly and prepare an officer’s return.  Then we will e-mail an advance copy of the documents back to the requesting attorney, followed by a hard copy through U. S. Mail.

Texas Pictorial truly looks forward to delivering your writs.


       Roxana Gonzalez
                 ID No.
             PSC 5215

          George L. Gonzalez
                    ID No.
                 PSC 5213