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The price of gasoline is about two dollars and fifty cents. When you couple that with the fact that Laredo is too far from everywhere, it spells too expensive.  A round trip to Laredo by a court reporter or video specialist will cost approximately $162.00 at 54 cents per mile. Add a few drinks and some food and it will probably jump to 200 dollars.  That’s two-hundred dollars that could go to the cost of the deposition, but not to worry: Texas Pictorial has the perfect solution.


Let Texas Pictorial handle your video requirements in Laredo and surrounding communities. We will work within your guidelines, record your deposition, archive it and send the master to you in a very short time or produce a finished MPEG file, synchronized or non-synchronized. Just ask for our rate sheet.

We follow NCRA / CLVS guidelines and we have over forty-one years of experience in the production of video depositions. We know what we are doing.