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        Legal Video Services

                               DIGITAL VIDEO DEPOSITIONS

Our videographers are highly trained, certified by the National Court Reporters Association and are all experienced technicians with many years of service.  When teamed with our professional video and audio equipment, they comprise a very formidible package to service your legal needs. Our deposition package includes the following: 

  • Setup: Scheduled one hour prior to commencement of deposition.
  • Microphones: Deponent, examining attorney, opposing counsel, and interpreter are provided with microphones to ensure the highest quality of sound reproduction.
  • Umbrella Lighting: Used to improve the quality of the digital video and to enhance the appearance of the witness.
  • Signed Affidavit: Provided by the CLVS to certify that the deposition master is a true and accurate record of the deposition.
  • Choice of File Formats: MPEG files on CD, DVD or Flash Drive serve as the law firm's master.
  • Deposition Master: Archived at Texas Pictorial for a period of one year.
  • Spacious Conference Room: Provided on request.
  • Video Conference: Skype or Fuze video conference provided on request.
  • Elmo Computer Camera Setup: On request.


Let Texas Pictorial synchronize your written transcript to your video deposition using advanced speech and pattern recognition software.  When we finish with your digital video transcript, you will be able to create video clips, search your transcript, import and export files and more. We will return it ready, with 100% satisfaction, for use with your trial presentation software.

                             DON’T FORGET TO SYNCHRONIZE !!!


Like all good demonstrative evidence, digital video presentations can highlight the important facts of a damages case and improve juror comprehension.  At it's best, digital video can dramatize what would otherwise be hard to imagine, eliminating the need for prolonged presentation of proof.  Shorter is better, and nothing illustrates this principle like a day-in-the-life by Texas Pictorial.


This service adds an exciting dimension to the reading of the last will and testament.  Digital video allows one complete freedom of verbal and visual expression.  It clearly conveys ones last wishes, and gives a better understanding of the will.