I'm sure , that you are well aware that there is a severe shortage of court reporters. In Laredo, we only  have two. Needless to say, court reporters come to Laredo from many parts of the state. The expenditure on travel , food, and hotel stays is great and not very cost effective, especially for short-fender bender depositions.

We at Texas Pictorial, believe that there is a better way to approach this dilemma. We call it "Video Conferencing." It allows you to service Laredo from the comfort of your office and most of all, it eliminates court reporter burnout from excessive travel, rescheduling due to inclement weather or road closures.

With video conferencing, we can discover more flexible ways of working together.  So, if you have been hit with the court-reporter-shortage virus or simply want to save time and money call Texas Pictorial. George or Roxy will schedule your next deposition and send you a link to join your meeting. It's simple as that - No subscription to purchase and no apps to download.